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Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

How Does MIPS Work?

Earn a payment adjustment based on submission of evidence-based and practice-specific quality data to CMS. eMed’s technological system assists in providing CMS with proof of your practice’s high quality, efficient care supported by sending information on the following categories:

2017 MIPS Performance

  • Quality (60%)
  • Advancing Care Information (25%)
  • Improvement Activities (15%)
Performance icon quality


Up to six measures from the list, including one outcome measure. Use the search and filters in our system to help find the measures that specifically meet your needs or specialty.

Performance icon clinical practice improvement activities

Improvement Activities

Attest in eMed that you completed up to 4 improvement activities for a minimum of 90 days. (Please check the MIPS Dashboard for more information).

Performance icon advancing care information

Advancing Care Information

  1. Security Risk Analysis
  2. E-Prescribing
  3. Provide Patient Access
  4. Clinical Information Reconciliation: Medication, Allergy, Current Problem List
  5. View, Download or Transmit (VDT)
  6. Patient electronic access to Patient-Specific Education
  7. Secure Messaging: Coordination of Care Through Patient Engagement
  8. Immunization Registry Reporting
  9. Syndromic Surveillance Reporting
  10. Specialized Registry Reporting
  11. Public Health Data Registry Reporting
  12. Clinical Data Registry Reporting
  13. Patient Generated Health Data: Coordination of Care Through Patient Engagement
  14. Request/accept summary of Care: Health Information Exchange
  15. Send a summary of Care
Performance icon cost


The cost category will be calculated in 2017, but will not be used to determine your payment adjustment.

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