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Registration kiosk

Patient Self registration kiosk in waiting room area. Patient can enter demographics, insurance information, review HIPAA privacy form, financial responsibility form or any other forms specific to your practice and sign them electronically.

Access eMedical Kiosk from Anywhere
from iOS and Android Device

Appointment Reminder

Auto appointment reminders via phone call, voice mail, text and email to the patient prior to the actual appointment. Updates the calendar in real time based on the patient’s visit confirmation.

Insurance Verification for many payers in real time

Verifies the patient insurance from over a thousand payers including Medicare and Medicaid in seconds.


Integrated merchant account allowing patient’s credit card payments. No leasing of equipment needed. Collect co-pay and deductibles in office and outstanding balances can be paid via the online patient portal.

Click Here for Merchant Account

Patient Engagement

Automated communication with the patient via email, text, and voice mail on missed follow-up appointments, birthday wishes, normal lab results, payment reminders, health maintenance reminders & follow-up campaigns on quality measures.


E-prescribe directly from patient charts. Pharmacy alerts to Physician’s dashboard. Patient refill requests from Patient Portal to the Patient dashboard.

Doctors Dashboard

Doctors Dashboard displays Unsigned Encounters, To be Reviewed documents, lab results, Bills and any assigned tasks, Prescription refills or change requests from pharmacies, and request for prescription refills from the Patient Portal.

Encounters & Value-Based care documentation

Encounters can be created and all previous patient encounters can be viewed. Preview and print an encounter in perfectly formatted PDF files.
Configure any encounter to default to support your Value-Based care measures.


EHR system has built in componenet to support the televisit encounters. Patient can connect from iPhone, Android, Pads or PC. Review, document and make orders while chating with the patient. More Info...

Sync with your Population Management Systems

System can sync with your Population Management System on Care Gaps, Claims, MRA coding and cost. You can upload monthly pass or fail reports directly to be seen at the time of clinical documentation.

Remote patient monitoring(RPM)& Chronic care management(CCM)

eMedicalPractice supports the non-face-to-face services provided to Medicare beneficiaries who have multiple significant chronic conditions. Providers can monitor device readings and manage communication, labs, and medication while being accessible 24 hours a day.

  • Glucose Meter
  • BPCuff
  • Pulse Ox
  • Weight Scale
  • Thermometer

Providers can now utilize technology to monitor patients outside of conventional clinical settings such as in the home or in remote areas which increase access to care and decrease costs. RPM in chronic-disease management may significantly improve an individual's quality of life by allowing patients to maintain independence, prevent complications, and to minimize costs.

Electronic Health information exchange - Interoperability

eMedicalPractice is interfaced to work with other systems by exchanging and utilizing information without any restrictions. As an adaptor of Carequality's Interoperability Framework our practices benefit from accelerated, less costly health data sharing agreements.
Exchange referrals, documents and patient clinical information from any hospital, physician and any health care facility within your referral network through the secured network.

Secure professional email & Messaging

Stop using and sharing your personal email, exchange files using your own secure email. Receive secure professional emails with your name and NPI number (e.g.1234456789@referrals.md and drsmith@referrals.md). Download attachments and incorporate into the patient records. Eliminate duplicate data entry.

Bidirectional Laboratory Connection

Connected to major laboratories like LabCorp and Quest; able to view results and order lab tests directly from the patient chart. Lab result alerts forwarded to provider inbox.

View scheduler, monitor patient flow, co-pays to be collected and due amount from previous visits.

View patient schedule for all providers and for all facilities. Color coding reflects insurance eligibility status, co-pays collected from patients, and outstanding patient balances from previous visits.

Revenue Cycle Management

The home page has the main component of the Practice’s Vitals. View Patient all visits, Insurance and Patient Payments, Claims and EOB responses, claims aging. Better worlflow processes to assign tasks to internal staff to work on rejections and denials

Electronic and Manual Claims

Create Unlimited claims. After a bill is claimed with a single click, it is routed directly to the insurance Payer (No uploads or downloads needed), and the insurance status is posted within an hour. Manual claim forms can be printed directly on a CMS-1500 form with no more manual typing. Claims can be looked up and sorted by insurance, date range, and claim status. Log of each claim may be viewed.


Explanation of benefits (EOBs) and Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) are posted to the claims automatically and settles it as well. The System determines if there is any patient responsibility.

eMed Rule Engine

Preset contracts by payer, provider and facility & process claim rules. Built in rule engine will send out clean claim and achive more than 95% first time claim acceptance rate.


Create complete reports by insurance, ICD, CPT*, Dates, Location, Provider and Facility. Admin reports give a complete Funds flow report including Number of claims sent, accepted, rejected or paid by each insurance payer.

Custom Templates for Any Practice

Complete your chart with a few clicks and utilize reusable custom templates. Spend more quality time with patients. Access to:

  • Pre-loaded questions to assist staff in capturing data (e.g. patient complaints, review of systems data, etc).
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) compliant growth charts and immunization records.
  • Previous chart vital signs and compare results of each encounter.

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