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Complete system for all your practice needs

Made Billing easy and Connected to Thousands of Payers

Our 3 step billing process will make your billing easy.

  1. Create a bill
  2. Verify the insurance in real time
  3. Claim the bill, that's it.

Our clearing house system will route the claim to the payers real time. EOBs will be posted automatically to the claimed bills. Complete paper less billing. No need to pay clearing house fee and NO FILE UPLOADs & DOWNLOADs. Real time insurance verification and Auto EOB posting. Send patient statements either by email or collect on PATIENT PORTAL

Billing Rule Engine

Prevent denials by setting up rules specific to each payer & plan. System will prevent the billing errors specific to invalid ICDs, improper CPT combinations, age & genger and service location combination with CPT.

Contract Pricing

Setup the contract price by insurance by plan, system will send the specified charge amount in the claim and validates on allowed amout on EOB posting. System will send an alert and send it to denial queue if the allowed mismatches with paid amount.

Streamline your billing process

Our billing software helps to get the real time claim status, pays it faster and improves your productivity by streamlining your entire medical billing and collections process. You can enter charges, check coding, send insurance claims electronic or print manual claim on CMS-1500 form, patient statements, post payments, print reports, manage denials, e-payments and more.

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